Promotional T-Shirts Sri Lanka

Niranco Promotions is a promotional clothing manufacturer and started operation in 2012 targeting the growing market of promotional products. Niranco Promotions also manufactures screen printed t-shirts, digital printed t-shirts, embroidered t-shirts, caps & bags to cater to your unique requirement.

We are capable of doing any custom/promotional T-shirt, Caps & Bags with unique design specially made for customers. Niranco has small but very expert about the field and capable team dedicated for customers unique requirements.

We also offer printing and embroidery services to our clients because we always give prominence to the satisfaction of our customers.With a small, dedicated staff Niranco has focused on delivering superior promotional products at a low cost in a friendlymanner.

We believe that good client relationships coupled with quality goods and services is the key to the success and that is why we provide the best personalized t-shirts to our varied list of customers.

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